Elizabeth Nields


     Quite early in her work in clay Elizabeth Nields found herself drawn to building large monuments that could have come from an ancient Elephant Temple complex associated with an imagined religion. Apparently she felt inspired to create something with a strong mythic resonance. Later, she created large thrown vessels that she imagined as coming from the halls of the aristocrats who supported her imagined religion. Many of these vessels are in the Patrick Lannan Foundation Museum in Florida and in the collection of Mary McFadden, the designer. 

Recently she has built monumental pieces, rectangular in shape, whose surfaces have been worked to produce abstract patterns. In these pieces she felt drawn to the tension between the regular geometrical forms and clay as a literally earthy medium that is normally associated with more “organic” forms. She enjoyed as well the tension between the regularity of the larger forms and the relative randomness and freedom of the abstract designs created on the monuments’ surfaces. Overall, the pieces reflect a play between order and accident, regularity and chance

George Franklin



Elizabeth Nields learned to work with clay apprentice-style at Baldwin Pottery in N.Y.C. She also studiedceramics at Danske Selskab, summer 1968, Greenwich House Pottery, 1966-67, Penland School of Crafts, summer 1966, and Brookfield Craft Center, summer 1966, 67. She studied drawing, painting and sculpture at New School for Social Research, 1965-66, Columbia University, 1965-66, Boston Museum School, 1964, and Adelphi University, summer 1959,60. She has a B.A. cum laude from Radcliffe College. 1962,

Elizabeth Nields has been conducting Summer Clay Workshops at her studio in Otego, New York since 1974, winter classes since 1985, and workshops through Arts in Education Program, Fenner Studio Art School and Smithy-PioneerGallery. She was an Assistant Professor at Hofstra University, where she taught glaze formulation, Japanese ceramics ,ceramic sculpture, wheel and handbuilding as well as various advanced classes and workshops from 1970-1984. She has taught intensive workshops at Baldwin Pottery, Adelphi University, Montclair State College, and Hartwick College. She was Visiting Artist in Ceramics at the State University College at Oneonta. and is currently Artist-in-Residence:Ceramics at Hartwick College, spring 2008.




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